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What we do

PLy plugs critical gaps in the growth of professional services firms across three pillars of support:

Strategy: Often sidelined in the whirlwind of the day job, PLy, in concert with key staff, analyses markets, develops tangible and executable business plans, and drives implementation. 

Market Intelligence: We are adept at identifying the opportunties and risks related to acquisitions, market entry and external influences. 

Business Development: Feeding the pipeline, converting meetings into proposals, increasing hit rate or developing content, PLy identifies the areas to improve and drives increased activity and fees.  

Who we are

PLy is led by Paul Lyons, a BD and Strategy professional with 20 years of professional experience, including 10 years as a Director of Business Development for a number of professional services firms across law, consulting and corporate investigators.  


Paul has also led business intelligence practices for consultancy and corporate investigators and continues to provide due dilligence support.  He is well positioned to understand the delicate balance of delivering excellence while developing contacts and clients. 


Why PLy?

When you engage PLy you access:

  • Decades of understanding of where Business Development resources are best focused

  • A track record of the development and delivery of insightful intelligence, growth initiatives and change management programmes.

  • Formidable insight around staffing needs in relation to defending and growing revenue.​

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