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Sales & Marketing duE diligence

We investigate the key drivers and obstacles to growth,  including​:

  • Analysis of pipeline to understand quality and quantity of leads and engagement

  • Review of databases to assess quality of contacts and systems integration

  • Effectiveness of campaign execution and the interactions generated

  • Audit the team to identify strengths, gaps and underutilisation

  • Business plan and budget assessment against targets

  • Use of systems, technology and processes to understand any areas of investment, savings or change

  • Key person risk around lead generation and account management

  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking

Business Development

Whether post acquisition or for portfolio companies, we provide additional support and expertise around: 

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Business & sector planning

  • Campaign development & execution

  • Proposition development

  • Opportunity and risk mapping

  • Client acquisition and retention

  • Campaign management & execution

  • Lead generation & pipeline management

  • Pitching and proposal support

  • Client feedback

  • Thought leadership

  • Recruitment support

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